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100% Water-soluble High-quality Calcium Fertilizer

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100% water-soluble high-quality calcium fertilizer

Calcium ammonium nitrate is currently the most soluble calcium compound in the world. Its solubility is far better than calcium chloride, calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate. Its high purity and low crystal water (chemical formula: 5Ca(NO3)2.NH4NO3.10H2O) ensure excellent quality and 100% water solubility. Water-soluble calcium is a fast and effective nutrient for plants, which is a unique advantage of this product.

High-quality and efficient nitrogen fertilizer

Most of the nitrogen in calcium ammonium nitrate exists in the form of nitrate nitrogen. The use of nitrate nitrogen on vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and tobacco has the following advantages:

Nitrate nitrogen can promote the absorption of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese, and reduce the occurrence of various deficiency diseases. It absorbs quickly, has a fast effect, will not be fixed by the soil, can accurately control the total amount of nitrogen applied, and reduce the accumulation of nitrite in the finished vegetable products.

Vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and tobacco are crops that like nitrate nitrogen. The use of Yarafu calcium is better than urea and other ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. The pH value of northern calcareous and alkaline soil is greater than 7, and the use of nitrate nitrogen will not produce ammonia volatilization loss. When planting vegetables and fruit trees in greenhouses, ammonia gas will not burn the leaves and roots of the plants.

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